1. This OCA glue Cleaner can rapidly and thoroughly remove the cured OCA and liquid optical adhesive
2. This OCA glue Cleaner will have non-corrosive to the touch screen circuit and ink 
3. This OCA glue Cleaner can remove glue fast with high panel cleanliness
4. Use this OCA glue Cleaner, the LCD has high recovery utilization rate and low rate of bad

5. This OCA glue Cleaner is with Minimal volatile, which can be repeated use


Operation way:
1. Brush 8333 on the OCA optical glue for 3-5 seconds and the colloid is fully wetting, The layer begins to soften,  gently push down the glue with hand (similar to snowball principle), or with a blade scraping also is ok;
2. After the most of the glue be pushed down, there is residual glue on the glass, you can use the clean cloth dip OCA removal liquid to do the second time cleaning until there is no glue on the glass. (You can choose white electronic oil or 8333 special use contact cleaner)_