100% brand new and high quality.
Intelligent touch unlocks, take out the phone by unlocking with one key.
Intelligent angle adjustment, 360 adjustments available, with optional installation position.
Wireless intelligent charging: electromagnetic induction enables and fast wireless charging.
Infrared intelligent induction: automatic telescopic clip arms serve to install the mobile phone
Multiple intelligent protection of the (FOD) foreign object recognition, overcurrent protection, and over temperature protection are provided.
  • Color: black
  • Charging efficiency: 65%-75%
  • Input voltage: 5V/2.0A, 9V/1,67A
  • Output power: 10W, 7.5W and 5W
  • Working frequency: 110K-205KHz)
  • Charging mode: electromagnetic induction
  • Size(approx.): 116 * 70 * 40mm / 4.57 * 2.76 * 1.57"
  • Charging standards: for QI (WPC) v1.2 agreement, for Samsung fast charging (SFC)
  • Compatible with: for Qi-enabled devices (the wireless receiver is required for mobile phones without this function).
Operation instructions:
  • 1. This product shall work together with suction-cup bracket or clamp, so as to adjust the angle and fix it well, and confirm that the installation position does not affect the safety of the vehicle is running;
  • 2. Adjust the height of the bracket (the ex-factory height is applicable to mobile phones of 5.8 inches or less). If the phone is over 5.8 inches, the bracket shall be lowered to ensure that the mobile phone charging induction area overlaps the vehicle-mounted wireless charging induction area (the mobile phone charging induction area is located in the center). If they are too far apart, there will be no charging or intermittent charging;
  • 3. Connect the Micro end of the USB data cable to the Micro interface of the product, and connect the other end to the output end of car charger, enter the standby state, and the LED indicator light turns red;
  • 4. Place the mobile phone about 5-10 cm away from the front of the vehicle-mounted wireless charger, and the clamping arms will automatically open. After the phone is put on, the clamping arms will automatically retract and tighten, and enter the charging state. The LED indicator light turns blue. The mobile phone screen with a quick charging function will show the device is in a quick charging state
  •  5. Touch the unlock button located on the lower left side. Touch time 1-2 seconds (more than 3 seconds to enter the protection state), and the clamping arms will open automatically. Take out the phone, and the clamping arms will return to their original state. The LED indicator light turns red
  • 6. When the vehicle turns off and there is no power on the vehicle-mounted wireless charger, you can pull the arm on one side to take out the phone.
 Package Included:
  • 1PC * Intelligent vehicle-mounted wireless car charger
  • 1PC * Clamp
  • 1PC * Suction-cup mounting bracket
  •  1PC * USB data cable
  • 1PC * Instruction manual
  • 1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
  • 2. Please allow 0.5-2cm differences due to manual measurement.
  •  3. To allow the quick charge, the vehicle-mounted charger must meet the QC3.0 standard, as the ordinary vehicle-mounted charger only supports 5W charging
  • 4. The USB cable must be provided with the data transmission function, as the ordinary charging cable only supports 5W charging;
  • 5. When there is a foreign object such as metal on the back of the mobile phone, the wireless charging will suspend charging and enter the protection state
  •  6. When the external signal interference is detected or the unqualified car charger is used, the clamp arm may automatically open and return to a normal state, or the repeated opening and closing may occur.
  • 7. We products for a very few dark silica gels grinding mobile phone shell may appear short induction distance or no induction reaction. such as silica gel black + abrasive material.