Unique Features
Designed by Supereyes. Compatible with all smartphones and all cases!!! Including iPhone 5s/5/4s/4, Samsung Galaxy S3/S2, Htc One, and etc.
Small and light. No extra parts needed to fix the magnifier onto phones.
Premium high quality removable 
restickable 3M glue. Easy to stick and peel. It would not harm your phone's case.
No extra flash needed. You can use your device's built-in flash to light the object.
Health: hair, skin
Anti-counterfeit: false label, tiny print, forged money, security identification
Quality control: material, design, repair, metal, surface, printing, PCB
Education: biological sample, living creature observation, auxiliary reading
Forensicfingerprintnt, trace elements
And more.....
Model: Supereyes S001
Magnification: 200 times (continuous zoom capability) 
Object distance:  0 mm
Max Size: _14*16*17MM, 2.4g
Light Sources: flash on the phone 
Software: Supereyes has iOS and Android APP on supereyes.cc for downloading.
Please don't copy MagiconLLC's product description and photo, all rights reserved. 
Package and Accessory:
Package Size: 4.6 cm(L) _ 5.5 cm(W) _ 3 cm(H)
Gross weight: 29 g
Net weight: 2.6 g
Including: 1 X Microscope, 1 X User Manual