1 Auto heating metal plate, the maximum temperature is 400 centigrade

2 Safety power system inside, avoiding the electric leakage problem

3 Anti-static body material prevents the LCD and the flex cable being damaged from the static

4 Easy installation

5 Silicon mat to stick the touchscreen without any damaged

6 The temperature should be set to 80 centigrade to 100 centigrade when you do the job on iPhone and Galaxy series

7 2 bearings to last long the life of the wire you use to separate and prevent your hands be hurt by the high-temperature platform

8 Compatible with LCD or LED screen assembly


Step 1: Put rubber mat on the heating plate

Step 2: Turn vacuum button(S1/S2) on, put LCD screen on the rubber mat and fix tightly

Step 3: Turn on the machine and wait for the metal plate become 80-100 degree

Step 4: Start to separate the LCD off the glass with cutting wire, then right and left movement with wire between the LCD and the glass, please notice that you must be using gentle power and keep wire stay on the LCD surface so that it will avoid the damaged of the touchscreen

Step 5: Finally, you have finished the separating work, and do a good job